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Turnkey Site Development

G-force is for telecom infrastructure companies that need to outsource the entire ‘boots-on-the-ground’ site acquisition.  G-force has assembled telecom’s largest network of pre-qualified telecom professionals to provide turnkey services nationwide.

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Telecom Site Acquisition Services

G-force has a catalog of standardized Site Acquisition services that can be used to select potential site candidates as well as prepare key deliverables such as:

  • SCIP - Candidate Packages

  • Lease execution

  • Lease Amendments

  • Title Services

  • Environmental Services

  • Land Surveys

  • Zoning (Variances/Hearings)

  • Permitting Services + Expedited Permits

Site Acquisition & Zoning for Telecommunications Infrastructure

Why Choose G-force?

Shop standardized Site Acquisition services to get instant quotes and delivery times, then manage all purchase orders in G-force’s project management portal which gives the ability to manage 1000’s of sites and vendors in one easy-to-use location.

Relevant Services

Site Acquisition
Professional Engineering
Wireless Field Solutions

Solution Table


Standard Project Types

  • New Site Builds

  • Collocations

  • Modifications

  • 5G / Small Cells

  • Upgrades

  • Outside Plant

  • FttX

  • Light Poles

  • Towers

  • Stealth

  • Water Tanks

  • Silos

  • Rooftops

  • Buildings


Standard Structures

  • Candidate Packages

  • Lease execution

  • Lease Amendments

  • Environmental 

  • Zoning (Variances/Hearings)

  • Building Permits

  • Full Title Searches 

  • “Bring to Date” Title Searches

  • Drone Inspections

  • Cert. Site Inspections

  • Tower Maintenance

  • OSP Design

  • Permit Acquisition + Expediting

  • Environmental

  • Geotechnical Surveys

  • Licensed Surveyors

Field Services

Site Acquisition Services

Standard Applications

Nationwide Support

Choose from a variety of white labeled deliverables and create instant quotes based on your project’s type, application, and location.

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