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Telecom Operations and Maintenance Services

On-demand Field Operations & Tower Maintenance Solutions

Streamline your O&M process by accessing a network of vetted vendors with effortless management through the G-force platform.

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Why Choose G-force

G-force puts your operations on rails by crowdsourcing standardized scopes to a network of deeply-vetted construction firms distributed nationwide.

Available in ALL Markets

Choose from a variety of on-demand solutions available nationwide and shop for solutions based on your project's technology, application type, and location.

Relevant Services

Site Acquisition
Professional Engineering
Field Solutions

Solution Table

  • Structural Letters

  • Structural Reviews

  • Structural Analysis

  • Tower Mapping

  • Mount Analysis

  • Mount Mapping

  • O-Calc Pole Analysis

  • Electrical P.E.

  • Stealth


Standard Project Types

  • New Site Builds

  • Collocations

  • Modifications

  • 5G / Small Cells

  • Upgrades

  • Outside Plant

  • FttX

  • Macro Sites

  • Light Poles

  • Towers

  • Stealth

  • Water Tanks

  • Silos

  • Rooftops

  • Buildings

  • Utility RoW

  • Construction Drawings

  • Site Plans

  • Lease Exhibits

  • Zoning Exhibits

  • C-RAN’s & MIMO’s

  • Class IV Rigging

  • 5G / Small Cells

  • FTC Survey Drafting

  • VoLTE Upgrades

Standard Structures

Standardized Design Services

P.E. Solutions

Field Services

Site Acquisition Services

  • Drone Inspections

  • Cert. Site Inspections

  • Tower Maintenance

  • OSP Design

  • Permit Acquisition + Expediting

  • Environmental

  • Geotechnical Surveys

  • Licensed Surveyors

  • Candidate Packages

  • Lease execution

  • Lease Amendments

  • Environmental 

  • Zoning (Variances/Hearings)

  • Building Permits

  • Full Title Searches / Title Insurance

  • “Bring to Date” Title Searches

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Online Subcontracting Solutions

Find solutions and make subcontracting easier using G-force proprietary online ordering and tracking system that can also be used to generate reports and metrics on all your vendors.

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